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Take Your Time

Rushing progress can sometimes backfire in your face. We rush into working so feverishly and expect all of the chains to connect only to find out the links weren’t put together well enough. And after your hard rushed work, no one notices it. We all yarn for growth. We are all eager to take the next step forward to reach that certain goal or success level. Nothing happens over night, and trust, this is a true statement. I would love to take the short cut to success or to reach a personal goal, but I can’t. There are no short cuts for me to take. So I try to prioritize my time and work diligently to accomplish my goals towards success. I don’t mind taking the stairs up, so long as I make it to the top. And after my walk up I can ride the elevator back down.


Time management

Time management is something I needed to work on. Especially being an author, you have to find the time to write your books around everything else you have to do. So I began writing down all the tasks that I needed to complete before the days over. I listed my least favorite thing at the top of the list and I added a few things I didn’t mind doing, so I could look forward to doing something I wouldn’t mind doing. I knew after I completed my list, I could sit back and chill for a bit, while eating a bowl of ice cream. Sometimes things wouldn’t go as planned.

Sometimes it feel like I’m getting no where fast. I’m still working on my time management skills, although now I’ve only added umpteen things to my daily list of things to do. Another way that I handled this is delegating to someone else who has the time to complete it. The work got completed, not all by me. Also, I had to refuse taking on new tasks. Sometimes being super woman, gets you nothing but stress and more stress. It’s okay to say no. But in those cases where you can’t say no, then you must come up with a system of prioritizing. Put the most important thing at the top of the list, even if it’s something you just don’t want to deal with, tackle it first. Then put things on your list that you would like to do, that way you can look forward to doing those things. And lastly, motivate yourself to complete your task and afterwards, sit back and have yourself a cold beer or a chilled glass of wine. Reward yourself.

Don’t stress yourself out over uncompleted task, that will only add fuel to the fire. Prioritize your tasks and carry them out in an allotted amount of time.