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You want to see?

New erotica novella coming soon after SexRender!!


You want to see me bare? You want to see the bend in my back as I touch my toes to show you how flexible I am? A yoga position I learned from the weeks prior. So unorthodox before, but now only a simple thought. You want to see me lay on the green of the wooden pool table while I gently slide the pool stick up and down my inner thighs againt my wetness? I’ll allow the eight ball to mimic your manhood. She’s self sufficient, she adapts easily to the shape. Oh, or do you want to watch as I give myself a bubble bath while allowing the bubbles to caress my nipples, imagine they’re your hands touching them oh so gently.  You want to see how deep she goes? Here, lend me your finger.You want to see?


New books coming soon!

My novella SexRender is due to release soon! I know I’ve talked about it months ago, but it’s almost finished! Yay! For those of you who forgot about it, here’s a snippet! Also my novel Love Me Dangerously will be coming soon as well!


Your touch, it’s so, so divine. The calluses on your hands add that extra roughness which coincides with your masculinity. The power of your tongue causes me to surrender to your demands without you speaking a word. Please don’t nibble there, oh God, I’m losing control. My legs won’t hold steady, I can’t stop them from shaking. My clammy hands wonder to the small of your back as you surface for air. My shaky legs are now being controlled by your bulging triceps, as they cascade towards my bare chest, theres no escaping now. Oh yes, please enter my realm. My galaxy is accepting of your world. Please enter. I sexrender.