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Why not you?


It’s hard to imagine yourself making it to the top when you’re just starting off.  You may think that your hard work won’t be recognized when your journey begins…in due time trust me it will. Keeping the course will open up the pathway to succeed. If you’re working towards a victory, please don’t give up. Even most of the greats were once where you are and they now are reaping the benefits of their hard work. Nothing comes easy, doing absolutely nothing does…….be a doer, not a thinker.



Keep at it…

We often times beat ourselves up because things don’t fall into place when we think it should. Nobody wants to work for shit these days. Well news flash, if you don’t work your ass off to get it, you’re better off working for the next person to help them grow their business. It makes you appreciate and take pride in what you’ve accomplished after the blood, sweat and tears. The failures, and the naysayers should be your motivation. Don’t beat yourself up when the pieces fall apart and you find yourself scrapping what you’ve started, all to just start over again. Work hard, be motivated and kick ass..Yea, I know it’s easier said than done. But do more and say less and allow your hard work to speak for itself.

Take Your Time

Rushing progress can sometimes backfire in your face. We rush into working so feverishly and expect all of the chains to connect only to find out the links weren’t put together well enough. And after your hard rushed work, no one notices it. We all yarn for growth. We are all eager to take the next step forward to reach that certain goal or success level. Nothing happens over night, and trust, this is a true statement. I would love to take the short cut to success or to reach a personal goal, but I can’t. There are no short cuts for me to take. So I try to prioritize my time and work diligently to accomplish my goals towards success. I don’t mind taking the stairs up, so long as I make it to the top. And after my walk up I can ride the elevator back down.

Don’t talk about it, be about it.

Talking about it won’t make it happen for ya’. I’ve heard so many people talking about what they are gonna do and how they plan to do it and blah blah blah. Months or even years down the road, those same people are still talking about what they plan to do. My wonder is, when? When do you get to the point of saying, today is gonna be the day I get my ass in gear and put some action behind my words? Does it really take months or even years of talking it up for it to be put into action? It shouldn’t. That’s called procrastination.

Stop YAPPING about what you plan to do and start DOING it. It doesn’t matter what it is you plan to do with your life, so long as you DO. Talking about it won’t make it happen. You can be the dreamer or the doer. The choice is yours. Me, myself, I’m a doer. Remain determined and hungry for what you want. Self motivation can be your biggest motivation.

Author Kassie Leigh Perkins