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Snippet! SexRender!

Hey guys, I’ll be posting just a couple more snippets from my novella before it’s published. I plan to have it completed by the end of March. Be sure to pick up a copy on Amazon.com:)


“You’re such a cunt for stealing one of my cards.”

Channing’s condescending words caused my pressure to rise. “Steal? Ales, I don’t steal. Like I said I took the card. I passed out your card just like you pass out your body. You give it away to whoever wants it; I gave out your card to someone who I felt needed it. There’s a difference between being wanted and wanting to be needed.” Channing released a haughty chuckle. “Remember, I got into your black  lace panties the first day I met you, just hours afterwards. You wanted me to want you. And a cunt is something I’m not, I’m a fucker.”






Snippet!! SexRender!!

Hello all! I will be posting just a couple more snippets from my novella SexRender. I hope you all have been enjoying them as much as I’ve been delighted to post them:)…This sizzling little number will be available In March!



Rex wondrous brown eyes followed my sway as I frolicked to my seat. I placed my left leg delicately over my right, crossing them comfortably as I reached for my laptop. Rex manicured hands twisted the cap off the water bottle. “Nice hands.” I complimented.

Rex glanced down at his hands as if they’re not his own. “Oh, thanks.” Rex Blushed.

A man with hands that’s as nice as a female is too gentle in bed.


The songs slowed even more. We grew closer. Too close. I couldn’t deny this now. I had to own up to the moment. His eyes slowly shuffled to mine. We lost ourselves in each others stance. His alluring grey eyes summonsed  me. Our lips inched closer as the gaze grew more intense. All movement ceased, except for our lips. They touched, never leaving each other. The kiss intensified. Drunken saliva swirled around as our tongues tangoed.

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Foolish_At_Forty_Cover_for_Kindle (2)

Hello all,

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Snippet!!! The Face Of A Perfect Flaw

I now it’s been a while since I last posted. Been busy with school. Any who, I hope you guys enjoy this snippet!

Rana sat down into the chair and scooted herself closer to the table. Raymere smiled as he planted his bottom into his chair. “I love these jeans you’re wearing.” Raymere said while rubbing his hand over some of the rips and tears that resided in Rana’s pants, touching the flesh on her thighs that meshed between the fringes .

Rana wiggled tensely in her chair from Raymere’s touch. “Thanks. They’re capri’s, not jeans.” Rana said with a slight giggle.

“Capri’s, jeans, pants, they are all the same.” Raymere said mockingly with a grin.

“Yea, I’ll let you think that.”

“Okay, fine, you win. You look good even when you’re dressed down.”

“Thanks Ray, so do you. Do you come here often?” Rana asked while checking out the art on the walls of the coffee shop.

“Not often, maybe twice a month. And I order the same thing every time, hot rum coffee. I love it, you should try it.”

“I really don’t drink rum.” Rana said with her mouth curled upward.

“You can’t taste the rum. Why don’t you try it?”

“I guess I will give it a shot Ray.” Rana said with a slight grin.

There wasn’t much persuading involved, and rum was the last thing Rana needed.

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Foolish_At_Forty_Cover_for_Kindle (2)


Foolish At Forty!

Finally!! Foolish At Forty will be available starting tomorrow February 4th!! Pick up your copy!! Need to read the snippets? Check out my past blog posts on this novel! Book will be available on Amazon.com

Isis Montgomery is a newly divorced criminal lawyer and she’s partying harder than a collage student on spring break. She begins dating, and becomes serious with a high profile lawyer name Richard Denton. Richard wants to build a future with her, but she’s side tracked by a younger guy name Jaborry, who will mean her no good. Jaborry being the wild outgoing type will leave Isis thinking twice. Will she make the mistake and find herself in a hell hole with Jaboorry, or will she find sanction in the arms of Richard?

Foolish_At_Forty_Cover_for_Kindle (2)