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Nothing comes easy that’s worth gaining. How bad do you want it? Becoming successful is challenging. How many success stories have you heard that happened almost instantly? None. Most success stories you hear are filled with failure and hard work. Just because something isn’t working in your favor today, doesn’t mean that it won’t happen for you tomorrow or even a year from now. Being persistent and consistent will be your key in becoming successful. Never give up on something that you feel so strongly about.


Success 2016


Snippet! SexRender!

I was supposed to have this novella completed by now, but distractions distractions! I’m now shooting for May! Here’s a short snippet.


You see, you had to get me drunk in order for me to sleep with you. You were so willing to whip out your little sausage; I thought you were going to yank it out in the coffee shop. I actually felt sorry for you. You looked like you needed me, so I obliged.”

Channing sniggered under his breath, “That was real cute Ales. Me looking like I needed you. Now that’s a hilarious joke. Oh, and my little sausage as you put it, had you climbing the walls.


“Why blather?” A smirk chimed across his lips. “Time will tell if you can breathe without my touch Ales.” I wanted to smack the dimple that rested in his chin.

“I’m breathing now aren’t I?” My long slender legs moved slowly across the shiny marble floor towards the door. I reached out for the brass handle and twist it counter clock wise, and flung open the door, “You may leave Channing.” His chiseled jaw line flinched, as his eyes narrowed. I could smell the arrogance through his pores.





Foolish At Forty…FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Hey ladies (sorry guys, this book is for the ladies, unless you just care to read it…help yourself:)) my newest novel Foolish At Forty will be FREE on Sunday July the 26th! ONE DAY ONLY!!! I ask that if you have the opportunity to download a free eBook copy that you PLEASE leave a review. Good, bad, and the ugly are all excepted! This book is an urban read mixed with street read. The book is funny, but filled with a little bit of drama. Ck it out for free and let me know what you think! Thanks

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Author Kassie Leigh Perkins

Snippet from Foolish At Forty

“Well, I’ll take his number. But I can’t guarantee when or if I’ll contact him.” I said while wrinkling up my nose.

Joann said, “Damn Isis, do you have to frown up that way? Richard is a nice looking man. He has money, he’s smart, successful, nicely sculptured,  and he has good ass hair and pretty green eyes. Oh, did I mention he has money?”

Foolish At Forty

I looked myself over one last time in my body mirror that’s attached to the back of my bedroom door. Twenty minutes later Liz and Joann showed up. One of those clowns rung the doorbell what seemed like twenty times nonstop.

“Alright damnit! Stop screwing my doorbell!” I yelled.

I switched to the door wearing my six inch pumps and opened it slightly. I stuck my head out, “Bout time you two bitches showed up.” Both of them walked in talking shit about one another.

“Blame that shit on Liz. She was the one who had to run to the cleaners for her husband, cook dinner and clean the house. I don’t cook, clean or run errands on Fridays. My husband knows not to ask.” Joann lipped.



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Foolish At Forty

My mind decided to take yet another trip down memory lane. I began thinking about Ron. I remember the days of us riding with the convertible top down in his Chrysler Sebring after school, listening to the oldies station and singing every song that air-waved through the speakers. If it was a song where there was a duet of a man and woman, I would sing the woman’s part and he the man’s part.

The many days of me self-sacrificing the things I wanted just to please him, were over and done. It’s all about me and only me at this point. I did all I could to keep things together. But I couldn’t continue to play the fool. Ron use to tell me he loved me like a fat kid who loved cake. I never doubted that he loved me; he just wasn’t in love with me. If he was, he wouldn’t have cheated. He allowed a certified diamond to leave his grasp, for some used costume jewelry.


Foolish At Forty

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