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Take Your Time

Rushing progress can sometimes backfire in your face. We rush into working so feverishly and expect all of the chains to connect only to find out the links weren’t put together well enough. And after your hard rushed work, no one notices it. We all yarn for growth. We are all eager to take the next step forward to reach that certain goal or success level. Nothing happens over night, and trust, this is a true statement. I would love to take the short cut to success or to reach a personal goal, but I can’t. There are no short cuts for me to take. So I try to prioritize my time and work diligently to accomplish my goals towards success. I don’t mind taking the stairs up, so long as I make it to the top. And after my walk up I can ride the elevator back down.



I’m in competition with myself. I’ve come so far from where I once stood. I must continue to get further. My support comes from within, my motivations come from within, and my challenges come from within. When I look over my shoulder, I expect to see the old me further than I was yesterday. I expect to see growth, no matter the growth. I’m determined to make myself proud of me.