Snippets from my first novel Grit and Deception

Not You…Again

I made it to my car and who do I see yet again…Jake. He was out jogging with his shirt off, with sweat dripping all over his body. I tried to scurry and get in, but he saw me. He came over to the car leaned over the drivers window, with one arm propped on the top of the car, taps on the window. I smiled with a tight smile. The kind where you really don’t want to smile but you force yourself.

I rolled down the window just enough to speak. “Hi Jake.”

“Hello, beautiful we meet again. What are the chances of me running into you two days in a row?” Jake said.

I looked around; to make sure none of those resentful bitches, walked around the side of the building and catch him at my car. What would they think of me then, if they saw this tall, muscular, bald head, shirtless guy leaning on my car talking to me? That news would surely spread quickly thru the salon.

I said, “I would say that you were stalking me, but I don’t see you being a guy that would need to do that.”

“You’ll be surprised at what I’d do to grab your attention.” He chuckles.

“I would hate to have to shoot you.” I said laughing.

 “I would hate for you to do that too. Actually, I run ten to fifteen, miles a day. This area is part of my route. It’s funny, I never seen you in this area before now.”

“I get my hair done right here at Sandra’s Hair Salon. I usually come at least twice a month. Why am I telling you this again?” I asked sarcastically.

As he wiped the sweat from his bald head, he said, “Maybe because you want me to know a little more about you. We already discovered that you’re happily married; your husband owns his own construction company and you do the books at his dealership. Let’s see what else.” Jake said derisively.

“You know too much already, and why am I sitting here talking to you?”

“Because you want to know more about me, I can tell your sexy ass what ever you want to know about me.”

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