Snippets from Men Who Do They Think They Are?

I thought I would post a snippet from my second book. A guide for women about men. Ck it out!


The Deadbeat

Aint nothing like a damn deadbeat! He aint worth two rusty pennies rubbed together. This is one man that will rob you of your youth. The deadbeat is known for stressing you out on a regular basis and wearing you down. Ladies, when you first run into this fake ass charmer, he may or may not have a job. If he does, trust and believe he soon will be out of one, especially if you’re working. Once he see’s you’re capable of taking care of the house as well as his habits, he’s gonna go to the next level of dead-beat-ness.

You go to work; he stays home and plays video games all day on the game system you provided for him. He will drive your car around and will not bother to put gas in the tank. For one, he won’t have any money. If he does, he’s more than likely pan handled it from you.


Want to read more? Go pick up a copy from Kindle or paper back!!

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