My first novel Grit and Deception

Grit and Deception

My first novel

Love is a powerful entity in its own right…No one deserves the right to be deceived by a loved one”… Kassie Leigh Perkins

Emily is beautiful, successful, happily married…and naïve. Her down to earth, easy going attitude blindsides her, from deceit and deception that’s unfolding right before her eyes. Her husband Seth is her weakness…one that will soon diminish. An encounter with a guy name Jake mystifies her, in more ways than she will ever know. Causing a chain of events that will change her life forever…

“He caressed my shoulders as he began to kiss me softly on my neck. I stood there with my back towards him. It sent chills thru my body. I was lost by the touch of his alluring lips.”

If anyone’s looking for a steamy romance/erotica book, please don’t cheat yourself from my very first novel Grit and Deception. It’s free on for 24 hours, starting 10/30/2013! Kindle book only.

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