Fantasy Harbor The Warning

Fant pic


Maggie Finch was born and raised in TupeloMississippi, in the early 1970’s. She always wished for the finer things in life. For her to be as young as she was, she knew what she wanted at an early age, and she had plans on how to get it. Strong, feisty and a force to be reckoned with helped build her tough girl attitude. Her step father Lionel, will be the first one to get a weft of her wrath, once he touches her in ways a step father shouldn’t. Her best friend Lizzy and her cousin Clea, both are her closest allies. She cherishes their opinions and loves them like a sister. But her head strong attitude, will force a wedge between them. Living with her madea, helped mold her, at times when her mother couldn’t. Her mother was a good force in her life, but madea was the main force in her life. Maggie learned a lot from madea, and she will carry those values with her for many years to come. Maggie wants out of Mississippi, and one day she will set the trails ablaze. When she does, morals, values and good judgment, taught to her by her mother and madea, will soon diminish.

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