Don’t Be Foolish

Keep your eyes on the prize, but don’t do anything foolish to get it. Eagerness and foolishness equals self destruction.


Long Days

The days are long for a reason. It gives you more time to improve yourself before tomorrow.

There’s always room for improvement. Instead of bashing yourself throughout the day, find ways to improve the situation.




Oh, you complanining?

If you have negative thoughts about your growth from 2015, leave that shit in 2015. You probably didn’t meet all of the goals you set out to accomplish, your business probably didn’t prosper like you thought it would, your new book didn’t sell like you thought it would, etc…so what! The key is to keep pushing forward! Success doesn’t come with a warranty, there’s no timed time period or an hour glass to count down the time. Success comes with persistence and consistency. The only way you will fail is if you give up. If one thing doesn’t work, try another. Don’t limit yourself. Do you think successful people gave up? Hell no! They stumbled on the way up, and it may have taking them longer to reach their success, but they didn’t give up!

If you want it, go get it. Make moves, not excuses!



Snippet!! The Face Of A Perfect Flaw

Rana Lynn Jackson is a force to be reckoned with!

Straightening Edwin’s royal blue and black checkered tie that hung firmly around his collar Rana taunted, “Ed, Ed, poor little Ed. Let me say this in a way that your feeble little mind will understand. I never claimed to want you. I never promised you anything. You came on to me, you were dismissed. I’m a big girl. That measly show that you put on for me didn’t even fill up the seats in the audience. I wasn’t turned on by it not one bit. So with that being said, why would I hang it over your head? You did nothing to make me think there was a need to flap my jacks about you. I’m the CEO of this company, if I wanted you gone or embarrassed, I would have done that. I run shit here.”

Book coming soon!!

Reckless Instinct

My mother marched into my room and leaned against the dresser with her arms crossed. I just looked at her. She wasn’t saying anything and neither was I.

“So tell me, what do you plan to do with yourself Phoebe?”

“Mom, you ask me this question at least once a week. My answer is still the same as it was before. I plan to get a good paying job and move out. Trust me; I don’t plan to live off of you guys for the rest of my life. As a matter of fact, I may have a new job soon; one that makes a decent amount of money.”

“You talk a good game, but no actions have been taking. How do you plan to make decent money without a degree or the experience? Nobody’s going to hire you without the skills or a degree Phoebe.”

I sat up on my bed to look her square in the eyes.

“Listen, just because I don’t have a degree or the experience for a job, does not mean I can’t obtain a good paying job mom. You act like I’m sitting on my ass doing nothing. I’m gonna show you better than I can tell you!”

“You better watch your damn mouth little girl! You will not curse me! I raised you better than that and you will respect me! Your brother is out at Duke making a name for himself and here you are kicked back on your bed like you don’t have a concern in the world. Next thing I know, your ass is gonna end up pregnant. I’m gonna tell you right now, me and your daddy aint about to take care of no damn baby.”