Snippet! SexRender!

I was supposed to have this novella completed by now, but distractions distractions! I’m now shooting for May! Here’s a short snippet.


You see, you had to get me drunk in order for me to sleep with you. You were so willing to whip out your little sausage; I thought you were going to yank it out in the coffee shop. I actually felt sorry for you. You looked like you needed me, so I obliged.”

Channing sniggered under his breath, “That was real cute Ales. Me looking like I needed you. Now that’s a hilarious joke. Oh, and my little sausage as you put it, had you climbing the walls.


Snippet! SexRender!

Hey guys, I’ll be posting just a couple more snippets from my novella before it’s published. I plan to have it completed by the end of March. Be sure to pick up a copy on


“You’re such a cunt for stealing one of my cards.”

Channing’s condescending words caused my pressure to rise. “Steal? Ales, I don’t steal. Like I said I took the card. I passed out your card just like you pass out your body. You give it away to whoever wants it; I gave out your card to someone who I felt needed it. There’s a difference between being wanted and wanting to be needed.” Channing released a haughty chuckle. “Remember, I got into your black  lace panties the first day I met you, just hours afterwards. You wanted me to want you. And a cunt is something I’m not, I’m a fucker.”






“Why blather?” A smirk chimed across his lips. “Time will tell if you can breathe without my touch Ales.” I wanted to smack the dimple that rested in his chin.

“I’m breathing now aren’t I?” My long slender legs moved slowly across the shiny marble floor towards the door. I reached out for the brass handle and twist it counter clock wise, and flung open the door, “You may leave Channing.” His chiseled jaw line flinched, as his eyes narrowed. I could smell the arrogance through his pores.





Snippet from my newest novella..SexRender

Hey guys, I hope you all enjoy the short snippets I’ll be posting from my newest novella, SexRender.


You’re just an afterthought, nothing more. What we shared was only temporary, no feelings were involved. There’s no need to reminisce. I understand that you miss me, but there won’t be another chance. No, don’t touch me. The feel from your hands against my cheek cause me to recoil, no matter how soft the touch.

Coming soon!



Short story…insert from my newest novella,SexRender.

Your touch, it’s so, so divine. The callus on your hands add that extra roughness which coincide with your masculinity. The power of your tongue causes me to surrender to your demands without you speaking a word. Please don’t nibble there, oh God, I’m losing control. My legs won’t hold steady, I can’t stop them from shaking. My clammy hands wonder to the small of your back as you surface for air. My shaky legs are now being controlled by your bulging triceps, as they cascade towards my bare chest, theirs no escaping now. Oh yes, please enter my realm. My galaxy is accepting of your world. Please enter.


To love or not to love

Hey guys! I’m writing on my newest novel, To Love or Not To Love. I’m posting a short snippet, I hope you all enjoy!


The room was dark as matter with only the moonlight peering in between the grooves of the wooden ceiling causing an illumination from the florescent glow of the moon. A floating mixture of dust streamlined through the streaks of light floating abundantly in the rooms’ atmosphere. The strong scent of bleach and musk caused my sunken stomach to turn violently. Lying partially on my side underneath my petite frame, I could feel the touch of the cold, hard, dirt floor grinding against my damp frigid skin. The left side of my face rested slightly in the dirt. The taste of blood thrust the surface of my tongue.


Snippet! The face Of A Perfect Flaw

Book coming soon!!



Rana turned to get into her car. Raymere stepped closer before she could enter. “Wait Rana. Can I get a goodbye hug before you leave?”

“Why of course you can buddy.”

Rana wrapped her waiting arms around Raymere’s neck for a goodbye hug, and he planted a kiss onto her lips. Rana turned the closed lipped kiss into an open mouth orgy. She slammed her tongue down Raymere’s throat and he returned the favor. They locked lips and shit became heated in a matter of seconds.

“Come home with me Ray.” Rana whispered passionately.

“I can’t Rana, not tonight.” Raymere whispered back all while never leaving her lips.

“Please Ray.”

“Okay. I’ll go home with you, but only for a little while.” It didn’t take much pursuing for Raymere to go home with Rana.

Rana’s arms strayed away from Raymere’s neckline, as she situated another quick kiss onto his lips. “Go get your car. I’ll wait at the stop sign for you.” Rana said softly.

“Okay. I’ll be right behind you.”



*Rana is a handful and she always gets her way. This is gonna be a damn good read!