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Hey ladies (sorry guys, this book is for the ladies, unless you just care to read it…help yourself:)) my newest novel Foolish At Forty will be FREE on Sunday July the 26th! ONE DAY ONLY!!! I ask that if you have the opportunity to download a free eBook copy that you PLEASE leave a review. Good, bad, and the ugly are all excepted! This book is an urban read mixed with street read. The book is funny, but filled with a little bit of drama. Ck it out for free and let me know what you think! Thanks

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Author Kassie Leigh Perkins


Snippet!! Reckless Instinct!!

“ Sure, I can come meet you. Where would you like to meet?”

“Can you meet me at Room 21?”

No this pervert didn’t ask me if I could meet up with him at a damn hotel just to discuss a damn job! I thought, he better own that motherfucking hotel.

My zero tolerance for bullshit button was punched. It was time for me to unleash the dragon on Pisces’s slick ass. “Question.Why do I have to meet up with you at a hotel just to learn about this job offer? Who do I look like to you; a timid little girl? I may be young, but damn it, I’m not young and dumb. You can take that job and shove it up your ass, I’ll never be that hard up for a job!” I said with a strong attitude. The nerves of this guy. I thought to myself.

“Hold up baby girl, no, it’s nothing like that at all. Room 21 is a restaurant located downtown. I take it you’ve never been there before? I see you’re quick to put a man in his place; I really like that fire in you. That head strong personality will go a long way in the line of business I’m in. I wouldn’t dare ask you to meet me at hotel for a possible job. I’m not that kind of man baby.” Pisces said sounding sincere.

I was ready to curse his ass out even more if he was hinting around about a hotel room. My face was withered like lettuce slightly for thinking he was talking about a hotel, all the while he was yapping about a damn restaurant. I needed to get out of the house more. But hell, some men will try anything, you can never tell with them.




Reckless Instinct Snippet

Foolish At Forty final edits are almost complete! Yeah! I know I have posted several snippets from that novel, I wanted to begin posting snippets from one of my other novels that I’ve been working on for some time. I hope you all  enjoy my snippets that will be posted!



Reckless Instinct Snippet!

My mother says I’m a lost cause because of how she felt I let myself go. I didn’t let myself go; I was a growing teen who needed guidance from my mother, not beauty tips. I think it was more of her dream for me to become a super model than it was for me. I ended up getting way more than I ever bargained for when I met a guy name Pisces. He changed my life in more ways than one. I experienced my most frightened encounters when Pisces entered my life. I also learned a lot from him.  I became a model, but not a super model and a far cry from being anyone’s role model.



Foolish At Forty…

I will post one more snippet from my newest novel Foolish At Forty. This novel is a damn good read with twist and turns. You will never guess the end of this crazy story! A true shocker I must say. It will be available on soon. Paper and E-book versions will be available. Check out the snippet and enjoy!!



He came prepared. He wore grey basketball shorts with a dark grey spandex workout shirt that showed off his man boobs. Not the man boobs that are a size A cup that’s fluffy and unattractive. I’m talking about the A cup that’s tight and lean, made of muscle. I knew Richard had a manly build, but damn. His calves were those of a marathon runner. His arms were big, but not to the point where they couldn’t rest along his sides. They weren’t the kind where the guy looks like he’s saying I dunno, the humped shoulder type of muscles. They were bulging with taste, just how a girl like myself like them. I couldn’t stop staring at the man.

Foolish At Forty Snippet

“J, I don’t have time for this. I’ve giving you too much of my energy to begin with. Now get your stuff and go.”

I stood there by the front door with my arms folded into one another as he took a step closer to me. I fringed. I had to show him that I wasn’t a timorous little lawyer, I had balls big as his, but he did have me nervous as hell. I didn’t know what the hell he was capable of.



Coming soon to Amazon!!

Foolish At Forty

“You don’t know what I like to do. You would love to know wouldn’t you? I don’t have time for your elementary mind games. You’re not even old enough to play this game son. I advise you to go on and live your life and stray away from mines.”

“Isis, all I ever wanted to do was get to know you better. Sue me for wanting to do that.”

“Boy, I can care less! What you need to do is go to my office and get your damn flowers you sent. They are taking up too much space. You can pick them up, or I’ll toss them in the damn trash!”


Foolish At Forty coming soon to Amazon!



Foolish At Forty Snippet!!


Um…um…um. You’re wearing this cream suit very well. Cream, gold with a hint of black. You’ve always dressed immaculate. ”

Cream, gold, with a hint of black? Where is he getting this black from? I’m not wearing anything black. My eyeballs zeroed in onto my right hand. Well, I’ll be damned. I never changed out my purse.

“Thank you.” Looking a bit flustered, I said, “Actually, there isn’t suppose to be any hint of black, I’m glad you noticed my handbag. I forgot to change it out with a soft gold one. So, if you don’t mind, come on in and I’m gonna run and change it out quickly.”

Awh, I thought you meant to add the black. I was thinking to myself, she doesn’t have on anything remotely close to clashing with this damn black purse she’s carrying. But I wasn’t gonna say anything about it. I mean, it’s a nice purse, but it doesn’t go with the outfit.”