Don’t Be Foolish

Keep your eyes on the prize, but don’t do anything foolish to get it. Eagerness and foolishness equals self destruction.


Love Me Dangerously

Books, books, and more books! Writing for me is therapeutic and it’s a great stress reliever. But I also write because I have a passion for it. Although I may not be a known author, it does not stop me from writing and sharing what I write with people who enjoy my work.  I’m always writing and I challenge myself to become a better writer with each new book I dive into. With that being said, here is a snippet from a novel that I hope to have completed by Spring 2017. Love Me Dangerously….


The room was dark as matter with only the moonlight peering in between the grooves of the wooden ceiling causing an illumination from the florescent glow of the moon. A floating mixture of dust streamlined through the streaks of light floating abundantly in the rooms’ atmosphere. The strong scent of bleach and musk caused my sunken stomach to turn violently. Lying partially on my side underneath my petite frame, I could feel the touch of the cold, hard, dirt floor grinding against my damp frigid skin. The left side of my face rested slightly in the grimy dirt. The taste of blood thrust the surface of my tongue. My back flirted with unnerving agonizing pain near the c three vertebrae, making it damn near impossible to move my neck. The pain so extreme, I felt broken from head to toe.


Foolish At Forty…FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Hey ladies (sorry guys, this book is for the ladies, unless you just care to read it…help yourself:)) my newest novel Foolish At Forty will be FREE on Sunday July the 26th! ONE DAY ONLY!!! I ask that if you have the opportunity to download a free eBook copy that you PLEASE leave a review. Good, bad, and the ugly are all excepted! This book is an urban read mixed with street read. The book is funny, but filled with a little bit of drama. Ck it out for free and let me know what you think! Thanks

Foolish_At_Forty_Cover_for_Kindle (2)

Author Kassie Leigh Perkins

Snippet! The face Of A Perfect Flaw

Book coming soon!!



Rana turned to get into her car. Raymere stepped closer before she could enter. “Wait Rana. Can I get a goodbye hug before you leave?”

“Why of course you can buddy.”

Rana wrapped her waiting arms around Raymere’s neck for a goodbye hug, and he planted a kiss onto her lips. Rana turned the closed lipped kiss into an open mouth orgy. She slammed her tongue down Raymere’s throat and he returned the favor. They locked lips and shit became heated in a matter of seconds.

“Come home with me Ray.” Rana whispered passionately.

“I can’t Rana, not tonight.” Raymere whispered back all while never leaving her lips.

“Please Ray.”

“Okay. I’ll go home with you, but only for a little while.” It didn’t take much pursuing for Raymere to go home with Rana.

Rana’s arms strayed away from Raymere’s neckline, as she situated another quick kiss onto his lips. “Go get your car. I’ll wait at the stop sign for you.” Rana said softly.

“Okay. I’ll be right behind you.”



*Rana is a handful and she always gets her way. This is gonna be a damn good read!




Snippet!! The Face Of A Perfect Flaw

Rana Lynn Jackson is a force to be reckoned with!

Straightening Edwin’s royal blue and black checkered tie that hung firmly around his collar Rana taunted, “Ed, Ed, poor little Ed. Let me say this in a way that your feeble little mind will understand. I never claimed to want you. I never promised you anything. You came on to me, you were dismissed. I’m a big girl. That measly show that you put on for me didn’t even fill up the seats in the audience. I wasn’t turned on by it not one bit. So with that being said, why would I hang it over your head? You did nothing to make me think there was a need to flap my jacks about you. I’m the CEO of this company, if I wanted you gone or embarrassed, I would have done that. I run shit here.”

Book coming soon!!

Reckless Instinct

I love to share my writing with my fellow bloggers and followers. I hope that you find my style of writing entertaining. I know that my style of writing isn’t for everyone, but for those of you who like to read street urban or urban writing with a little drama, ck out my snippets! If you’re not into the urban writing, ck out my snippets! You may like them:)…Thanks to everyone who has taking the time out to read my snippets that I post from my upcoming novels. I greatly appreciate you!



Snippet!! Snippet!!!


There was no sign of my dad or mom. I thought I could ease in and ease out without confrontation. But I was wrong. As soon as I topped the peak of the stairs, prancing out of the bedroom was my mom. She stopped in her tracks displaying a look of anger upon her scrawled face.

“I see you finally decided to drag ya’ tired ass in from a night of Lords knows what. You aren’t going to be hanging out all night long and dragging ya’ ass back up in this house the next day to sleep it off!” Mom yelled.

She would be the first person I’d run into as soon as I darted the door.

“Really mom? How you figure you knew where I was last night? You’re always assuming shit and half ass know the facts. You seem to think the worst of me as I get older. I tell you what; you won’t have to worry about me much longer, because I’ll be moving out! When I move out, a simple hello, how you doing will be just fine with me.”

Snippet!! Reckless Instinct!!

“ Sure, I can come meet you. Where would you like to meet?”

“Can you meet me at Room 21?”

No this pervert didn’t ask me if I could meet up with him at a damn hotel just to discuss a damn job! I thought, he better own that motherfucking hotel.

My zero tolerance for bullshit button was punched. It was time for me to unleash the dragon on Pisces’s slick ass. “Question.Why do I have to meet up with you at a hotel just to learn about this job offer? Who do I look like to you; a timid little girl? I may be young, but damn it, I’m not young and dumb. You can take that job and shove it up your ass, I’ll never be that hard up for a job!” I said with a strong attitude. The nerves of this guy. I thought to myself.

“Hold up baby girl, no, it’s nothing like that at all. Room 21 is a restaurant located downtown. I take it you’ve never been there before? I see you’re quick to put a man in his place; I really like that fire in you. That head strong personality will go a long way in the line of business I’m in. I wouldn’t dare ask you to meet me at hotel for a possible job. I’m not that kind of man baby.” Pisces said sounding sincere.

I was ready to curse his ass out even more if he was hinting around about a hotel room. My face was withered like lettuce slightly for thinking he was talking about a hotel, all the while he was yapping about a damn restaurant. I needed to get out of the house more. But hell, some men will try anything, you can never tell with them.