You Talking To Me?

you talkin


There’s always somebody trying to tell you how to run your business, when them, themselves don’t even have a business nor knows nothing of running one or starting one. I have to sit back and think to myself sometimes and wonder how come they can dish out advise on something that’s never peeked their interest. Those are the people I just would like to slap right in the kisser, no…They have all of this so called knowledge, but yet and still, they never try to invest the know it all into a potential business of their own.  The reason being is because they don’t have the mindset to pour energy into something they have to bust their asses to get.

Now what I love is to listen or take positive advise from the people who have walked the walk and talked the talk. I can gain insights on making bigger moves and potentially gaining some knowledge I need to improve my business. Now those are the kind of people I can just kiss in the kidding. But on all seriousness, be around like minded people. But you know, don’t get me wrong, sometimes a person who knows nothing about nothing can conjure up some great ideas for your business…it’s just a waste that they don’t self indulge on the knowledge.


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