Positive Thinking

Sometimes I have to give myself pep talks to keep my thought process in a positive state. As a writer, sometimes the feeling of incompletion will overcome me as I work hard to complete a new novel. Not the feeling of wanting to stop writing or throw in the towel, but incompletion as the book comes to an end. That feeling where you feel that the book may not have enough entertaining thoughts to hold your readers attention. The feeling of an empty chapter, or a chapter without enough visual.But as I re-read each chapter, and re-read again, I have to tell myself that it’s written well for who I am as an author. I can’t write to please everyone, no one can. But I have to think positive and do the best writing I can to capture my audience attention. The audience who loves to read my writing, although I may feel at times is not enough. Positive thinking can help push you to strive for a better outlook on many things.

I’m a work in progress.

Author Kassie Leigh Perkins


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