Don’t talk about it, be about it.

Talking about it won’t make it happen for ya’. I’ve heard so many people talking about what they are gonna do and how they plan to do it and blah blah blah. Months or even years down the road, those same people are still talking about what they plan to do. My wonder is, when? When do you get to the point of saying, today is gonna be the day I get my ass in gear and put some action behind my words? Does it really take months or even years of talking it up for it to be put into action? It shouldn’t. That’s called procrastination.

Stop YAPPING about what you plan to do and start DOING it. It doesn’t matter what it is you plan to do with your life, so long as you DO. Talking about it won’t make it happen. You can be the dreamer or the doer. The choice is yours. Me, myself, I’m a doer. Remain determined and hungry for what you want. Self motivation can be your biggest motivation.

Author Kassie Leigh Perkins


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