Snippet! The face Of A Perfect Flaw

Book coming soon!!



Rana turned to get into her car. Raymere stepped closer before she could enter. “Wait Rana. Can I get a goodbye hug before you leave?”

“Why of course you can buddy.”

Rana wrapped her waiting arms around Raymere’s neck for a goodbye hug, and he planted a kiss onto her lips. Rana turned the closed lipped kiss into an open mouth orgy. She slammed her tongue down Raymere’s throat and he returned the favor. They locked lips and shit became heated in a matter of seconds.

“Come home with me Ray.” Rana whispered passionately.

“I can’t Rana, not tonight.” Raymere whispered back all while never leaving her lips.

“Please Ray.”

“Okay. I’ll go home with you, but only for a little while.” It didn’t take much pursuing for Raymere to go home with Rana.

Rana’s arms strayed away from Raymere’s neckline, as she situated another quick kiss onto his lips. “Go get your car. I’ll wait at the stop sign for you.” Rana said softly.

“Okay. I’ll be right behind you.”



*Rana is a handful and she always gets her way. This is gonna be a damn good read!





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