Snippet from my newest novel..The Face Of A Perfect Flaw

As I told you all before I love to write. Although I do have other things I enjoy doing, writing is my passion! Ck this snippet out! Hope ya’ll enjoy! Foolish At Forty is available on Amazon! (That’s my last written novel) 🙂

snippet snippet!!

Rana invited Raymere inside of her condo. She didn’t bother to turn on a light or the television. The piercing light from the moon beaming through the kitchen window was the only light present. Rana didn’t give Raymere a chance to depart his loose lips. She pulled him down onto the couch on top of her, kissing him wildly and passionately as she tugged at the button on his pants. Raymere ripped her already torn capri’s even more, from working to get them down past her ass and off of her legs. She assisted him with the effort. Rana lugged Raymere’s shirt over his head, and focused her attention back to the button on his pants while he kicked off his shoes. Raymere moved Rana’s hands out of the way so he could do the honors of undoing his own pants button. He jerked his jeans down to his ankles kicking them off vigorously, leaving them turned inside out as they lay on the floor next to the couch.


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