New Book Alert!!!!!!

I love to write and I write damn near daily. I just released my newest novel Foolish At Forty, by the way its for sell on….go pick up a copy if you like a good urban read with humor and a bit of drama. You will love the characters!

Anywho…my newest novel The Face Of A Perfect Flaw will be coming soon! Be on the lookout for this book! I will begin posting snippets of this book as the days progress. I’m starting off with the intro of this book.

BBaabbyy!! Don’t sleep on this hea’ book!! Damn Damn good read!! It’s halfway completed. It will be available on soon! I’ll post more snippets as the days progress. This will be the only snippet that is lengthy because its the intro.

The Face Of A Perfect Flaw…coming soon!

Rana Lynn Jackson is from Boston MA, but was partially raised in Virginia Beach VA. She lived in Stanford CA, while she attended college. She graduated with honors from Stanford University as a Journalist. Rana had her foster parents to thank for pushing her into a prosperous direction, and supporting her dreams. At only twenty eight years old, Rana oversaw operations at Galveston Post, an online news aggregator and blog; a fortune 500 company as the CEO, making well over six figures a year, cutting it close to a million dollars each year. Money wasn’t an object for Rana; she lived the life of a queen. She treated herself to designer clothes, shoes and jewelry. Rana donated money to the local charities and volunteered at homeless shelters and foster camps to give back to the community. She gained numerous accolades, and her name was plastered on school scholarships. She had a lot going for herself, and was deemed perfect in the eyes of many. But in reality, Rana wasn’t perfect. She hid a dark past only a select few would witness.


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