Reckless Instinct

I love to share my writing with my fellow bloggers and followers. I hope that you find my style of writing entertaining. I know that my style of writing isn’t for everyone, but for those of you who like to read street urban or urban writing with a little drama, ck out my snippets! If you’re not into the urban writing, ck out my snippets! You may like them:)…Thanks to everyone who has taking the time out to read my snippets that I post from my upcoming novels. I greatly appreciate you!



Snippet!! Snippet!!!


There was no sign of my dad or mom. I thought I could ease in and ease out without confrontation. But I was wrong. As soon as I topped the peak of the stairs, prancing out of the bedroom was my mom. She stopped in her tracks displaying a look of anger upon her scrawled face.

“I see you finally decided to drag ya’ tired ass in from a night of Lords knows what. You aren’t going to be hanging out all night long and dragging ya’ ass back up in this house the next day to sleep it off!” Mom yelled.

She would be the first person I’d run into as soon as I darted the door.

“Really mom? How you figure you knew where I was last night? You’re always assuming shit and half ass know the facts. You seem to think the worst of me as I get older. I tell you what; you won’t have to worry about me much longer, because I’ll be moving out! When I move out, a simple hello, how you doing will be just fine with me.”


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