Snippet!! Reckless Instinct!!

“ Sure, I can come meet you. Where would you like to meet?”

“Can you meet me at Room 21?”

No this pervert didn’t ask me if I could meet up with him at a damn hotel just to discuss a damn job! I thought, he better own that motherfucking hotel.

My zero tolerance for bullshit button was punched. It was time for me to unleash the dragon on Pisces’s slick ass. “Question.Why do I have to meet up with you at a hotel just to learn about this job offer? Who do I look like to you; a timid little girl? I may be young, but damn it, I’m not young and dumb. You can take that job and shove it up your ass, I’ll never be that hard up for a job!” I said with a strong attitude. The nerves of this guy. I thought to myself.

“Hold up baby girl, no, it’s nothing like that at all. Room 21 is a restaurant located downtown. I take it you’ve never been there before? I see you’re quick to put a man in his place; I really like that fire in you. That head strong personality will go a long way in the line of business I’m in. I wouldn’t dare ask you to meet me at hotel for a possible job. I’m not that kind of man baby.” Pisces said sounding sincere.

I was ready to curse his ass out even more if he was hinting around about a hotel room. My face was withered like lettuce slightly for thinking he was talking about a hotel, all the while he was yapping about a damn restaurant. I needed to get out of the house more. But hell, some men will try anything, you can never tell with them.





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