Reckless Instinct Snippet!!

“My name is Simone, because I make the men moan. My real name is Simone, and I’m twenty five.”

“I’m Roxanne, my real name is Roxy and I’m eighteen.”

Damn, there was one who was even younger than I was. I was surprised at the ages that were giving to me. I kept working the room.

“My name is Riches, because I’m all about them Benjamin’s. My real name is Monica, and I’m twenty nine.”

“I go by Isis, my real name is Alexis, and I’m twenty three.”

I was done asking them all their names and ages…so I thought. Coming down the stairs with a red teddy on, with the matching see through robe and red slippers with the puff ball on the top, came a cigarette smoking, wine glass toting, long weave wearing, long eyelash batting, older woman. I was in awh, by the way this bitch had herself together. She was the prettiest of them all. All of the girls were pretty, but this one looked like she could have been a model in her past life. Her body was amazing; I couldn’t stop starring at her. She just started answering the questions I asked all of the other girls. I didn’t get a chance to say nothing to her. She said it in a very sassy tone.

“My name is Mercedes, I’m thirty five years old and there is no need to tell you my real name. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. You will learn my name as time goes by, and if and only if I grow to like you, and not a minute before.”

Hell, she left me speechless. Pisces had to jump in and say something.


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