Snippet!! Reckless Instinct

I walked into the house and my daddy was standing in the kitchen popping popcorn. I threw my purse onto the sofa and scrolled into the kitchen.

“Hey daddy, what ya’ doing?”

“Hey baby, I’m popping up a big bowl of homemade popcorn. No microwave popcorn tonight. I’m doing this the old school way. Then I’m going to go sit in my Lazy Boy and watch Conan the Barbarian. Where you coming from all jazzed up?”

Smiling from ear to ear I said, “I just came from a business meeting, and I guess you can call it a date too. The guy was hitting on me.”

“He was hitting on you? Who is this guy? And what kind of business meeting did ya’ll have?”

I knew I couldn’t tell my father who I was out with, he would throw a fit. And then my mother would get involved and it would be a showdown on Oak Park drive. They would have zero understanding. Plus my dad knows this guy and his age. I bet he knows his line of business too.

“It’s a guy from Gino’s Modeling school. He’s a scout looking for models. It was suppose to be me and another girl, but she canceled at the last minute. So that left us too. He was a cool nice looking man.”

My dad paused putting his hands on his hips while the popcorn continued to pop.

“Now I hope you know that when a man buys you dinner, he expects something in return. It’s cool for him to buy it for you, but you watch out for that. He has a few years on you, so he’s more experienced than you are and there may be motive. Don’t let him fool you. I would hate to kill a son of a bitch over you. Then I get sent to prison and the next hard head come along and pull the same stunt. Aint no way I could protect you then, so watch out for that kind of man baby. So what did he say about the modeling?” My dad turned back to the stove to shake his popcorn one last time and slid the pot to a cool spot on the stove.


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