Farewell to Foolish At Forty Snippets!

This is the final snippet from Foolish At Forty. I hope you all have enjoyed them as I’ve posted them. The book will be available January 30th on Amazon and all major bookstores in the cyber world. Hard copies will also be available!! I’ll be posting snippets from my novel Reckless Instinct. I hope you all enjoy those as much as you’ve enjoyed Foolish At Forty!


“Really J? First of all, you and I are not dating. Yes, we’ve screwed around a couple of times, but that doesn’t make us a couple. So don’t go putting titles on us.”


“Isis, are you serious? So I guess we’re friends with benefits? I look at you more than that. You couldn’t possibly think I’ve been chasing you for weeks just to have you as a friend. You’re old enough to know better than that shit.”

“J, how could you think that we are more than what we are when I barley wanted to give you the time or day to begin with? We went out on one measly date, and now you think we’re an item. That’s where you’re sadly mistaken.”

“Oh okay. Not only am I mistaken, but a brother sadly mistaken. Okay Isis, I see how you really feel about me.”


Author Kassie Leigh Perkins

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