Reckless Instinct Snippet

Foolish At Forty final edits are almost complete! Yeah! I know I have posted several snippets from that novel, I wanted to begin posting snippets from one of my other novels that I’ve been working on for some time. I hope you all  enjoy my snippets that will be posted!



Reckless Instinct Snippet!

My mother says I’m a lost cause because of how she felt I let myself go. I didn’t let myself go; I was a growing teen who needed guidance from my mother, not beauty tips. I think it was more of her dream for me to become a super model than it was for me. I ended up getting way more than I ever bargained for when I met a guy name Pisces. He changed my life in more ways than one. I experienced my most frightened encounters when Pisces entered my life. I also learned a lot from him.  I became a model, but not a super model and a far cry from being anyone’s role model.




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