Aspiring to inspire

All aspiring writers have one thing in common. Hoping that one day they will see their hard work displayed amongst an arrays of books, weather  it’s in a book store, library, or grocery store, that’s a dream for us all. Although, I make most of sells from eBooks, I would love to see my hard work displayed on the bookshelves. As a writer, I would like to see my books around for many years to come. Meaning, they can continue to capture readers for a very long time, after the book has been released some time ago. Like the book “Miss Nelson is Missing”, by author Harry G Allard. I would find myself checking this book out, over and over, during my years while attending elementary school. Why? Because it was a very interesting read, and it held my attention. That’s how I would love to capture my readers.


Write until the pen runs dry. After that, grab a new pen and go at it again….







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