The Fat Lady Hasn’t Sang


What does it takes to become a world renown author? I’m not sure, because I haven’t made it that far. Hell, I’ve barley made it on the top 100 best seller’s list on Amazon. None of that plays a factor in my quest of becoming a known author. I said known, because you have to become of some relevance before you can become a world renowned author. I’ve written several books, some better than others, but the point is…I wrote them. I have to say that I’ve gotten better with time, with almost everything you do, time helps preserve your past experiences. I AM AN AUTHOR, I may not have the rankings or the status, but I AM AN AUTHOR, and no one can take that title away from me. I’m an hungry author, I’m an eager author and I’m passionate about what I do. Passion always prevails over force. I don’t force myself to write, because I like what I do. I enjoy the feedback from others who read my books. I have a small group of fans, it wouldn’t matter if there was one or one thousand, I entertain all.

If you’re an author with a vision and you refuse to give up on your dream in becoming a well known author, don’t give up. There is always an audience out there who is waiting to read your work. Your book haven’t falling into their grasp just yet. It may take your very first novel or your tenth novel, just know that you will succeed as long as you believe in your work. If you’re thinking of becoming an author, go for it. There’s nothing like putting your thoughts and imagination onto paper for the world to see. It doesn’t matter what style of writing you chose, be damn good at it. Who knows, you may become the next Mark Twain.


I Am Vision


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