Foolish At Forty…

I will post one more snippet from my newest novel Foolish At Forty. This novel is a damn good read with twist and turns. You will never guess the end of this crazy story! A true shocker I must say. It will be available on soon. Paper and E-book versions will be available. Check out the snippet and enjoy!!



He came prepared. He wore grey basketball shorts with a dark grey spandex workout shirt that showed off his man boobs. Not the man boobs that are a size A cup that’s fluffy and unattractive. I’m talking about the A cup that’s tight and lean, made of muscle. I knew Richard had a manly build, but damn. His calves were those of a marathon runner. His arms were big, but not to the point where they couldn’t rest along his sides. They weren’t the kind where the guy looks like he’s saying I dunno, the humped shoulder type of muscles. They were bulging with taste, just how a girl like myself like them. I couldn’t stop staring at the man.


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