The mind of an aspiring author…self promote

My belief has always been if you can’t sell yourself, then who’s willing too? After my first novel was written, I thought that my book would sell itself. Boy was I wrong. I learned very quickly, that I had to be a self promoter. Self publishing is an easy way to get you started and show off your hard work. But that’s only the beginning. Once the hard work of writing, editing, and formatting your book is complete, you must promote yourself. What I did was put my book on other blog sites like I paid a small amount to have my book plastered over his website for possible sales and exposure. I sold a handful of books, wasn’t too shabby. But  I knew I had to work harder. With the help of my friends and family, sales picked up drastically. Then they died down again. I published it on, and

I sat back and waited for the sales to come pouring in. Didn’t happen. I knew I had to switch up my approach, so I enlisted my first novel Grit and Deception into the lending kindle program, where some one buys your book and lend it out to others. I  felt like I sold my soul to the devil, but it turned out to bring me more sales and exposure. Then I put my second book, Men Who Do They Think They Are? on Amazon for free,  I had over 100 downloads, I thought that was pretty cool. I hoped the sales would pick up and they did, not by much, but enough to let me know readers were interested in an unknown author. I completed my fifth book Man Cave The Women’s Guide, and I plan to make it free as well one day soon. Now my novel Foolish At Forty is complete and going through editing, and I feel like I’ve grown as a writer since my very first novel Grit and Deception. I hope it sells well, if not, I’ll have it free for a few days to get the buzz. I learned that exposure is like having money in the bank, you just have to wait for the check to clear in order to make a withdrawal.



Hard work, self motivation, and dedication pays off! You will be noticed!


Author KLP

2 thoughts on “The mind of an aspiring author…self promote

    • I’m happy that this was a motivator for you! Continue to believe in yourself and make it happen. Self promotion is one of the best. It’s hard work, but who can do it better than you? Best wishes!! I look forward to you poetry book once it hits the book world!

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