Foolish At Forty Snippet!!


Um…um…um. You’re wearing this cream suit very well. Cream, gold with a hint of black. You’ve always dressed immaculate. ”

Cream, gold, with a hint of black? Where is he getting this black from? I’m not wearing anything black. My eyeballs zeroed in onto my right hand. Well, I’ll be damned. I never changed out my purse.

“Thank you.” Looking a bit flustered, I said, “Actually, there isn’t suppose to be any hint of black, I’m glad you noticed my handbag. I forgot to change it out with a soft gold one. So, if you don’t mind, come on in and I’m gonna run and change it out quickly.”

Awh, I thought you meant to add the black. I was thinking to myself, she doesn’t have on anything remotely close to clashing with this damn black purse she’s carrying. But I wasn’t gonna say anything about it. I mean, it’s a nice purse, but it doesn’t go with the outfit.”




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