Foolish At Forty

I will be posting a few more snippets from my newest novel Foolish At Forty. The book will be available soon on Amazon!


He marched to the curb to confiscate his bag of papers; looking back at me with puppy dog eyes. I rolled mines and slammed the door. My mother’s picture damn near plopped off the wall from the hard door slam. I peered through the thin brown curtain, watching Ron as he flung the bag into the trunk of his car. He unlocked his car door and stood there by the driver’s side looking back towards the house. He shook his head with frustration as he hopped in and drove away. He wasn’t the only one agitated. From what I read on the paper I found, it made it easier for me to move on with my life. I washed my hands with Ron, I was done.


A must read!! Very interesting novel! Twist and turns will leave you wondering what’s next!





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