When the times get tough, don’t get stupid!

There are many times when I often hear of stories from people who have been in a relationship and the partner no longer wants to pursue the relationship. No one wants to leave a relationship that they feel so strongly about. But if the other person is no longer interested, just move your ass. Don’t go try to off yourself because you feel that you’re not worthy of living anymore, all because you were dumped, cheated on, mistreated…etc. ALWAYS love yourself first! You have to look at it as “it’s his/her lost”. There is and never will be anyone like you. You are unique in your own way. Hold your head high and move forward.


It may not be an easy road, but you can and will get through it! Never get the mindset of you not being worthy of being here! Because guess what, after you do something stupid that can be detrimental to your health, that’s still not gonna make that person take you back. They may be relieved more than anything that you didn’t harm them, and harmed yourself instead. There are way too many people who are doing stupid shit, all because they feel neglected by a love interest. If you feel so strongly about how you feel about that person, but can’t seem to have a level mind to work it out amongst yourself, seek professional help. No one is worth you hurting yourself over. That kind of attention will only make you look weak. DON’T GET STUPID!




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