Foolish At Forty

Shortly after the bottle was sent over to us, the guy Jaborry slithered his way over to our area. I guess he build up enough nerves to come over and talk to us. As he walked closer, I was able to get a better look at him. His dark complected skin complemented his short, muscular physique. He reminded me of Kevin Hart, the comedian, but cuter. I was buzzed from my long island ice tea and the champagne. I was feeling really elevated by this time. I anticipated the words that were about to fumble from his lips.

Speaking to everyone as he approached, “Hello ladies, I hope you all are having a good time. My name is Jaborry, but my friends and family calls me J. Ya’ll are more than welcome to call me J.”

 Who gives a damn what your friends and family call you. I guess we should feel privileged to call you J.

He stepped up to me, extending out his hand for me to shake. He cuffed my right hand delicately and raised it to meet his anxious lips, kissing the back side of it softly. I wasn’t moved by the motion at all. However, I did smile, just a little bit.



Foolish At Forty

Coming to soon!

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