Snippet from my newest novel Foolish At Forty

Isis is a newly divorced forty three year old and she’s partying harder than a collage student on spring break. She begins dating, and becomes serious with a high profiled lawyer name Richard. Richard wants to build a future with her, but she’s side tracked by a younger guy name Jaborry, who will mean her no good. Will she make the mistake and find herself in a hell hole with Jaboorry, or will she find sanction in the arms of Richard? Foolish At Forty is a must read!




My damn head felt like a fright train rolled over it and was thrown into reverse, rolling over it again. I had to do better than this shit. This was so beneath me to find myself hogging down the toilet releasing my insides. It felt like I uprooted my soul from throwing up so rigorously.

My chest felt like it was on fire. I never experienced a hangover associated with heartburn. I was lucky that both ends weren’t running like a pair of snagged pantyhose. By the time my glory days were over with my toilet bowl, I had to make like a dog on all fours and muster my way back to my bed. The bedroom felt like it was across the street, the closer I got, the further it seemed.


Foolish At Forty Coming soon to


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