Free your mind.

As an author sometimes my mind can become boggled down with ton’s of thoughts. Not only thoughts, but ideas for books and everyday life situations. It’s like the four walls are chiming inward and my thoughts and ideas are on a crash course. Everything comes to me all at once and that shit drives me crazy. So what I do to free my mind is try to focus on one thing at a time. If I’m busy writing a book, I dedicate my mind only to that book, for that time being. I allow myself so many hours to write and the rest is dedicated to the daily routines of my life. I may take a walk to free my mind, or take a warm soak while sipping wine. I have to keep balance in my life in order to reach my goals.

If you ever find yourself being overwhelmed, take some time out for yourself. You have to recharge your battery in order to reach your goals.



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