Who is Author Kassie Leigh Perkins?

Went very well!!

Kassie Leigh Perkins, is an African American URBAN AUTHOR. A new author who has written 5 titles since 2013. I can write in any tone I choose, but I’m more comfortable in writing URBAN reads.  I’m not a J.K Rolling, or a Glenn Beck kinda writer. I’m more like a Zane or Jerome Dicky kinda writer. In my books, I use “ebonics” and other southern slang that everyone WILL NOT relate too. Some more than others. I can write in any genre I choose. There is NO limit to the way I write. I’m well rounded. So if you decide to purchase any of my books, get ready for a damn good read with some southern “ebonic” twang. Thanks to all who have purchased one or more of my books! I love my supporters!!!


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