Man Cave The Woman’s Guide Snippet

man cave cover

This book will be free beginning May 12th, for 2 days. Download your copy to your kindle! Availiable at!


Man Cave touches on several relationship types. Sometimes men don’t understand a woman’s struggle, and how hard it is to attempt to keep them happy in the relationship. If the man isn’t willing to meet her halfway, the relationship may be doomed before it even begins. Its simple settled things that men aren’t keen on while tuning in to his woman. That reason alone can cause a woman to become an emotional wreck if she has to help her man figure her out.

A man should know how to read his woman, that’s something that’s learned in the beginning stages of dating. This book will also help the ladies with the signs of finding a possible prospect. The do’s and don’ts in a relationship and when to leave well enough alone. Give yourself brownie points when you feel you deserve it.

Meaning, if you know you’ve worked with that man and damn near broke your neck to make things work and they don’t; brownie point yourself. Some of my scenarios are to help women become wiser while making decisions during the relationship, fling, or marriage.  Relationships can be complicated but never duplicated. No relationship is the same.

Relationships are like a pair of brand new pumps. You never know how comfortable they will be until you’ve walked a mile in them. Some pumps are just for looks. You know the one’s you can only wear out to sit down in because they weren’t as comfortable as you thought they would be. Then there are others you can stroll in for days, months, and if they hold up from wear and tear… sometimes years.

We all look for those nice comfortable pumps don’t we? But sometimes hell, we go for the look and end up throwing them back in the closet to collect dust or pass them on to Goodwill. I myself would rather have a refund, because apparently they weren’t worth picking up in the first place.




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