Snippet..Foolish At Forty

Hello all! Here’s another short snippet from my newest novel Foolish At Forty! I hope you enjoy! The novel will be ready mid May, pick up your copy from Thanks in advance!


Liz and I headed out the door after she made me unwillingly go out for fresh air. As soon as the bright sun hit my eyes, I felt like a crack head that’s been in the dark for days after getting way too high. I removed my Ray Ban sunglasses from my purse and immediately plastered them to my face. I could feel a hot, hard lump of vomit on the raise in my throat. I ran over to my bed of tulips, careful not to unload on any, I embanked my mark on the soil in between.

Damn, Isis. Girl you really are fucked up. Good thing I have a Wal-Mart bag and a beach towel in the car for you. We need to get you some ginger-ale, and fast. Liz said.

‘Naw winch, what I need is my bed and a pillow…oh and my toilet.”







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