Foolish At Forty Snippet 1!!!

My newest novel Foolish At Forty is almost complete! I wanted to post parts from the first chapter for you all to see. I hope you like the snippet and I hope you all will pick up a copy once its completed! Thanks for your support in advance!

Foolish At Forty




FUCK! NOT AGAIN ISIS! Crawling from my bed to the master bathroom, I found myself making out with the king of porcelain once again. I had one too many drinks again last night and now I’m paying for it. Partying like a rock star since my divorce is not my forte. My jittery hands clasped both sides of the toilet as my thumping head plopped down into the realm of its sinkhole. The mixture of the blue chlorine water and my insides, reminded me of a pizza gone bad. Some of the stuff I saw, I couldn’t remember eating. Ugh, what the hell was I thinking allowing my girlfriends Joann and Liz, to snatch me out for a night of fun for the twentieth time? Since the judge granted the divorce three months ago, they have been going none stop to help me keep my weary mind off of my ex-husband Ron. Ron and I were high school sweethearts and we married after we both graduated from Law school. I never had the opportunity to date another man, because Ron stole my heart from the very beginning.




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