Snippet of Grit and Deception Romance Erotica Novel




Grit and Deception

“You and Seth?”  I can’t believe he has time to have lunch with you today.” Mona replied.

Well…I said suppose too. He may not be able to go, I won’t know until I call him to confirm.”

“Why is there a need to confirm with him about lunch?” Mona asked with an attitude. Mona was becoming irate for no reason at all.

“Because, he may be too busy and he asked me to call him an hour before to make sure he’s not too busy.” I took the phone away from my ear and looked at it with my forehead full of frowns. Who the hell pissed in her wheaties? I thought to myself.

“Girl, fuck that! He needs to make sure that he’s available! That’s the problem with these men now. They always act as if they’re too busy, til’ the point their own damn wives have to schedule an appointment with them for a damn lunch date! He’s just like all the other mothafuckas. They wife you up, and don’t make time for you, while busy fucking the next bitch.”  Mona shouted.

Mona needed to calm down and fast. I thought the bitch had done lost her mind.


If you enjoyed the snippet, go pick up a copy from Amazon ! A full preview can be seen on Amazon as well.




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