Grit and Deception Snippet

BookCoverImage grit and decept

I’ve noticed every since her divorce she hasn’t been herself. I’m almost certain she wished she had a man like Seth. He’s strong, handsome, wealthy, and a wife spoiler. He buys me anything I want, when I want it. I never have to want for nothing. Not to mention, my man has the best sex ever…well, when I can get it. Maybe that’s why it’s so good to me, I don’t get it like I use too. He works too damn much.

Not only did her ex-husband work a lot, but she also caught him cheating with his blonde assistant Marcella. I tried to warn her about that short skirt, six inch heel, fake eye lash wearing bitch. She was too busy blowing smoke up her colleagues’ asses, to the point she didn’t have time to pay attention to her man… She use to express concern about the two, but never thought to look into it.

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