Fantasy Harbar The Warning Snippet

Fant pic

“Goul, ya’ don’t even know how ta’ drive no car. I can see ya’ na’ running ova’ chickens and dogs.” I said. I bust out laughing at what I said. Clea wasn’t laughing back though.

“Fa’ yo’ information, I do know how ta’ drive a car. My diddy had been showing me since I was six yea’s old, off and on. So ha, ha, ha, sounds like tha jokes on you goul.”

My black face was tight, when she told me that. Aint nobody tried ta’ show me how ta’ drive. Well, Lionel tha only one in tha house who gotta truck. A ole dull red, beat up Chevy truck, with dents all around tha doe’s, hood and sides of it. Tha pale grey seats in it look like a dog done chewed em’ up ta’ tha wire.

They hurt ya’ butt when ya’ sit on em’. Tha driva side doe is black with tha inside handle missing. Him and ma’, always stick they hand out tha window ta’ open it from tha outside. Tha otha doe been sand down, it’s a lighta grey color. It smokes when it crank up, Madea always say it kills tha mosquitoes. But I can say it gets us from one point ta’ tha otha most of tha time.




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