Snippet from Fantady Harbor The Warning

Fant pic

I couldn’t believe I was wearing a maxi pad. Tha pain wasn’t all that bad, na’ that I knew what was causing it. Ma’ came in and signed me out. While walking to tha car, momma said. “I see ya’ finally got ya’ period. I thought ya’ would get it soona than na’. I got mines at ten yea’s old.”

Damn at ten. Why so early? I thought ta’ myself. “At ten ma’? How you get it so early? I know tha nurse said some gouls get it early, but dang, ten is supa early.”

“Yea Mag at ten. Some gouls just get it earlier than otha gouls. Ya’ aunt Gert got hers at seven yea’s old. Momma got hers, she said at six yea’s old.”

Na’ wait one damn minuite. How tha hell you get grown so damn young? Six and seven is not grown at all. That’s too young ta’ get a grown woman thang. So I guess I was behind then.



If You Like the snippet, go pick up a copy of the book from Amazon! Thanks in advance!



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