Snippt #6 from Fantasy Harbor The Warning

Fant pic

I cut my eyes up at him, and he looked at me. It looked like we was on that TV show tha man John Wayne play in, that Madea always watch. He stared, I stared. I wanted ta’ take my dirty egg fork and stick it in his eyes. I rolled my eyes and neck so hard, til’ one of em’ felt like it got stuck.

I dropped my plate and fork in tha sink. It made a loud clink clank sound. Lionel stopped looking, and ma’ yelled out, “Goul, whats yo’ problem? You don’t throw no dishes in tha sink round hea’, You betta get ya’self togetha.”

“Sorry ma’, it slipped out my hands.”

I walked out tha kitchen, back ta’ my room. I wish my diddy was out, he’d come and kill Lionel ass too, if I told him what he did ta’ me.


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