Snippet #4 Fantasy Harbor The Warning

Fant pic


“Goul it be fun too! I really like driving. Why won’t ya’ ask Lionel ta’ show ya’?”

“Goul, please. I won’t ask him ta’ show me how ta’ boil rice.” We both laughed out.

“Goul, you’s a mess. Why don’t ya’ like him anyway?” Clea asked.

“I don’t like tha way he be looking at me and stuff. He be looking like a kidnappa. You know how they be on tha TV shows and stuff. They give them kind smiles while calling ya’ ova’ ta’ they vans, offering ya’ candy or something like that, and then snatch ya’ up and take ya’. But he don’t have tha candy or nothing else ta’ give fa’ ya’ ta’ come closa… he just have that look.



Hope you enjoyed it! If you did, pick up a copy from or Smashwords. Thanks in Advance!









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