Novel Grit and Deception Snippet


BookCoverImage grit and decept

Mona wouldn’t do no trifling’ shit like that.”

“Naa-aa, she doesn’t seem like the type. But you remember those twin sisters that fell out over a situation like that. She walked in on her sister screwing her husband, and stabbed both of they ass. I’m glad she didn’t kill them assholes. That was some terrible shit to see. I don’t think they talk to this day. Mona seemed happy when they got the divorce. I thought she would move on and have a new man with plenty of money in no time.”

“Naw girl, she’s doing well, but I know she misses having him in her life. Hell, she hasn’t even mentioned dating anyone. I guess she’s focused on herself right now. I know all about that, I was the same way for a while…but not this damn long. I love my sister dearly, but she let go of a good man. He really took care of her.”

“Yea, while fucking someone else on the side. That doesn’t make a good man, husband, or partner because he takes care of everything. He can be taking care of home and fucking the next broad.”


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