Snippet #3 Fantasy Harbor The Warning

Fant pic

Afta’ me and madea put my money away, madea looked at me and said. “So, tell me do it make ya’ feel any different?”

“What ya’ talking bout madea?” I asked.

“Ya’ new bra. I know ya’ have it on. Do it make ya’ feel any different?”

She musta seen it thru my dress. Na’ that it’s been noticed, I was kinda stuck on what ta’ say.

“Well, it feels good on. Its kinda snuggly and soft.”

“I didn’t ask ya’ how it felt, I asked ya’ how do it make ya’ feel. Do you feel like a olda goul na’ or what? Do ya’ feel like it make ya’ wanna act mo’ grown-up?”  Madea asked.

Yea, it sholl did make me feel grown-up. I felt all that stuff, lil’ bitty gouls don’t wear training bras.I knew I was growing, I had just turned nine today… last yea’ I was eight, so yea, I was growing olda. And it did make me wanna act mo’ grown up, I can’t act like a chil’e all my life. What kinda stuff is that ta’ ask? But, I didn’t say all that ta’ madea, that wouldn’t be a very smart thang ta’ do.

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