Snippet 2 from Fantasy Harbor The Warning… book series.

“This summer is going to suck ass bad. I’m use to hanging out at the skating rink and the malls. It isn’t anything to do here. My parents suck for sending us here.” Shawn said sounding all educated.

I loved tha way he talked. I hadn’t been around nobody who talked like this befoe.

“I heard ya’ got in trouble and that’s why they sent ya’ here.”

“Damn, Lizzy talk too much. I really didn’t get inta’ any trouble really. My dad caught me smoking weed. All the kids in Flordia smoke weed. I been smoking weed since I was eleven years old. Shellann smoke too, every now and then.”

“I heard my name.” Shellann shouted.

“I heard mines too!” Lizzy said.

“Both of ya’ll are just paranoid, I haven’t mentioned eitha one of your names.” Shawn said all innocent.

I couldn’t do nothing but laugh. I liked ole Shawn Polson… a lot.


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