Snippet from Reckless Instincts

Reckless Instincts Snippet: Chapter 2



So tell me what kinda job is it? What’s the pay and when can I start?” I ran all of my questions down to him at once, so he could answer them right away.

“I can’t tell you all of that over the phone. You would have to come meet me so I can tell you about it in person. Is there anyway you can come meet me?

“I can come meet you. Where do I need to come?

“Can you meet me at Room 21?

No this pervert didn’t ask me if I could meet him at a damn hotel, just to talk about a damn job! I thought, he better own that motherfucking hotel.

“Why do I have to meet you at a hotel just to learn about this job offer? Who do I look like to you? I may be young, but damnit, I’m not young and dumb. You can take that job and shove it up your ass!” I said with a strong attitude, the nerves of this guy.

“Hold up baby, no, it’s nothing like that at all. Room 21 is a restaurant; I take it you’ve never been there before? I see you’re quick to put a man in his place; I really like that in you. That head strong personality will go a long way in the line of business I do. I wouldn’t dare ask you to meet me at hotel for a possible job. I’m not that kind of man baby.”


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